Join us and Dudley Young Health Champion @DudleyCVS @dudleymbc

If you are a young person between the ages of 11 and 25 and would like to see how you can virtually support your friends and family during self-isolation then why not sign up to become a Dudley Young Health Champion.

You will be offered the opportunity to do a simple certificated online E-Learning course that you can complete in around an hour. Once completed you will be an official European Health Champion. Then I will give you support with ideas in how you can support your friends and family through the principles of the five ways to well-being. It may be that you write a blog for this page or you come up with ideas that you can share with your friends and other young people that will support positive mental health.

Once we are all back up and running being part of the project will offer lot’s of other opportunities for you personal, social and educational development.

If you would like to find out more then please email me Faye


Looking After Your Health and Wellbeing throughout COVID19

For some really good information for young people on looking after your mental health The Children’s Society have some very useful information so please take a look 🙂

In addition the Let’s Get website has some very useful information and looks at the Five Ways to Well-being

Plus this is the most recent advice from the the Government


Mia’s story: How lockdown is affecting my Mental Health.

Mia is one of Young Health Champions and this is her story ……

I’m 13, usually working away at school and seeing my family regularly, but that has cone to a halt and who knows how long for.

With everybody saying different things about this Coronavirus, it’s causing my head to ache. I’m confused, scared and mostly worried. I question over and over; what if one of my family members get it? What if I get it?

Now that we are on lockdown, parks are closed, shops are closed, school is closed, yes there isn’t any work to do, yes I get to sleep in and yes I’m away from people that cause me anxiety, but I didn’t know how hard it is to cope with boredom. It’s not healthy going to sleep at 3am  and sleeping in until 2pm. It’s not healthy that I have no motivation to shower. It’s not healthy that I’m eating out of pure boredom- and then hating myself for it. But this is the side to mental health that people don’t see.

I’m overwhelmed with anxiety. I feel like the virus is coming after me and it’s out to get my loved ones. Not being able to leave the house is ok, I guess, but not being able to go out and see my friends or my older sister hurts. It’s like I’m not allowed and I have done something to cause this. All that there is, is questions filling my head about anything and everything, and no answers.

But its affecting everyone differently and we all have to find the strength to get through as one. As a nation, we should come out stronger.

If you are a young person in need of help and support through this difficult time then please reach out.


ChildLine Helpline: 0800 11 11

Young Minds Helpline: 0808 802 5544

Papyrus HOPELINEUK – 0800 068 414

Important information from Brook if you need advice on sexual health or contraception

Brook is  operating its service almost normally. They are available for telephone consultation initially to provide advice, an assessment and then if needed a face to face consultation. We still have our councillor available for telephone counselling.

All opening times, contact numbers our on our website, here’s the link

If you are a young person and want to help us please follow us and read @BWeAREBCR @dycdudley @Dudleycvs @dudleymbc @DudleyIzone@DudleyCCGvs

If you are a young person between the ages of 11 and 25 and would like to help and support your friends and other young people then please get in touch.

We offer a simple certificated E-Learning training course that has been developed by the Royal Society of Public Health and the charity Streetgames. The course will take you take you around an hour to complete online and then all that we ask is that you share positive health messages with your friends and peers or write a blog for our site.

Health means so many things – mental health, physical health and anything that that will improve well being.

Please join us. For more information and to sign up please email me … Faye